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How to send the CAN message in Canalyzer or canoe?

This article is to understand the Canalyzer or canoe tool for how to send a CAN message using Vector Automotive testing tool. There are two tools from vector released as canalyzer and canoe. The canalyzer tool was designed first and second next they released the canoe tool with additional so many automation tests and multiple virtual node simulation features.

Here in this article we will only discuss the CAN message send feature to the external ECU connected to your computer. To send a message you can use the manual mode or test automation mode. The manual mode is easy to use directly if you know the Graphics window of the Canalyzer tool. The automation mode is somewhat difficult if you don’t have the basic knowledge of c programming. Because the vector Canalyzer or canoe tool supports Can Access Programming Language (CAPL).

How to Send a Message In Canalyzer manual Mode

Here we will be using the canoe-9.0 version. In manual mode, if you want to send any message, you can send it directly but you should know the total CAN frame details but mostly in each company they will be having their own can database which you need to add it. Basically first you need to open the canoe tool. Then you can easily work in this tool. Then you will see the canoe tool window like the below figure:

canoe open window
canoe Open window

Then you go to the tool menu and there you select the Simulation Menu. After selection you will be getting a new window and then follow the below steps:

Step1: Select “Simulation” Option.

Step2: Select “Simulation Setup” (A new window will open).

Step3: Select CAN under CAN networks.

Step4: Select “Interactive Generators”.

canoe Interactive Generator
canoe Interactive Generators

Then in the 4th step Interactive Generators option you need to right-click of mouse and then select the “Insert Interactive Generator Block CAN”.

Then it will generate a new sub option with name as “CAN IG”.

Then you select the “CAN IG” Option then there will be a new window that will open with some node as per your older configuration. Here as default, I have configured only one Node. After selecting this option another virtual node will connect in this network named CAN IG as shown in the below figure.

canoe IG generator configuration
canoe IG generator configuration

If you will double click on this, it will open a new window which called as CAN IG Window. There you will get different option as: 

  1. Add Frame from database.
  2. Add CAN FD Frame.
  3. Add CAN Frame.

The second and third point is for a pure manual mode where you need to add each field of CAN frame. But you have added the database, then no need to worry. If you have added the database it is good to go or else you can go to another article to learn how to add a new database into your CAN IG Block network. You can directly select the 1st point as “Add frame from database” as shown in below figure:

canoe IG block

Then it will open your database. There you need to go to your message and select it and automatically it will add onto the IG Block as shown in below figure:

canoe symbol selection

After then the message will get added onto the IG Block. Then you can expand your message where you can select any signal what you want to send it to your ECU and test your ECU like below figure.

canoe IG Diagram

Each message has two options as manual once when you want by a click or periodically as shown in the bellow figure as per your requirement. I hope you will learn from this article how to send a CAN message from the canoe tool. Please comment your opinion and suggest if you want any topic to learn, so that I will add it. Thank you for your valuable time for learning.

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