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Hello Friends! Welcome To PiEmbSysTech. I have started this website for my passion that to share the technical ideas like electronics, electrical, computer science, Automotive electronics, aerospace etc. related programming, design and development. The article or any page or any post if you will go through it, you will learn a lot for your career improvement. I am sure that how is the PiEmbSysTech is sharing the knowledge here you can learn a lot to jump to the next level of your career.

Learning is unlimited

Learning is a process that can not be completed in your life time till you are not telling i can’t. From my experience i can say i also tried the same method and thought of knowing so many things. This was happened in my engineering time. But when i grew and going a step ahead in my career, i seen in each step i am learning a new technology, a new idea with new concept and also whatever i had learned in my engineering still there are so many things which i need to know. Even if the concept also there are so many things which i don’t know. So then gradually understood the concept of learning even still now also i am learning every day after my office work. Today also i am learning the concept of engineering in a way of making it smart and in a different way that how can i explain it in well shape so that in all over the world people can understand it. Because i know how i learned it in my old experience. Whenever i was learning and asking any question, my friends are suppose to laugh at me that why he is asking these silly questions. Today these silly questions made a successful R&D Embedded Engineer. I always work with the latest cut edge embedded products which will be releasing on next 10 years of world technology.

Learning is the best practice

When i have done my two years of work in Embedded field, i thought of end of learn will be here and only job will be with me. But after some days i observed that i need to change my job but when i have started and thought of going to interview, it was very difficult to understand the current competition and technology. Then i have started learning new technology and doing it as every time i will not fear to go for interview.

When i thought of stopping it, then i am thinking what will happen to me and what i can do next as in each year some new technology is coming to the electronics world. Now it is a hubby for me and i can say my passion is my profession. If you have the knowledge you can not fear about the career.

So for this to learn something in every day will be a best practice to be in touch with the new and latest technology.

The PiEmbSysTech always loves it and like to learn and share the knowledge in different form to ensure that all over the world anyone can learn and grow.

Pi-Embedded System Technology is one of the best open-source Blog and forum tutorials for Electronics, Electrical, Computer science Engineering Technology & much more. Which can be very very helpful for your career journey with research and development of any Embedded System product development with any OS like Linux or RTOS like OSEK etc. To know more about it, I will suggest you go through my every page and post and you can learn as per your interest and stay tuned in our blog for further update. You can also join our Facebook page PiEmbSysTech and Linkedin PiEmbSysTech.

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